Script Consulting

Script Consulting

I’m used to showing my scripts to colleagues and relatives, then sorting through their scattershot, conflicting responses. But when I shared my full-length play with Victoria Z. Daly, something wonderful happened: she guided me not with directions but with incredibly useful questions. Sometimes I had to wrestle with those questions two falls out of three, but when I took them to the ground they always opened up new ideas and solutions. I thought I was starting out with a good script. Now I know it’s good! Thank you, Vicki.
— Douglas Lieberman, playwright
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Where It Starts

When I sit down to focus on your play, I bring to it all my related experience: an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU, my work as a Faculty Member at the Dramatists Guild Institute, and eleven years running the 9th Floor Actors and Writers Collaborative in New York City. I've taught playwriting bootcamps and workshops, produced television at Lifetime, worked in script development for studios like Warner Brothers, published in national magazines including Glamour and Portfolio, and trained and performed as a physical actor.

Most importantly, I’m a produced playwright myself. I love a great collaboration, andI want to work with you to make your play what you want it to be.


My goal as a dramatist-mentor is to recognize the impulse and intention in your play and to help you fulfill that intention.

  • We’ll start by discussing your play’s strengths.

  • We'll dive into potential areas for clarification and deepening.

  • I’ll encourage you to ask your own set of questions. (Before our in-person or virtual meeting, I'll ask you to formulate what you want to know about your play.)

  • We’ll discuss:

     - theatrical craft
     - why the play belongs on a stage
     - directions to pursue afterwards
     - and perhaps, some writing exercises.

In the end, I'll aim to have you recharged and fired up to tackle another draft.

To Reach Me

  • If you're a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, you can book me through the Dramatist Guild Institute's Plays in Progress portal.

  • If you're not a Dramatists Guild member, you can contact me directly. We'll determine pricing based on your needs and the project.