Full-Length Plays

Full-Length Plays

Demeter and Polly

full-length comic adaptation of a classic myth
4 w/2 m plus doubling


Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture, loves her daughter, Polly, and insists that she live with her forever … which, their being goddesses, really does mean forever. Demeter won’t admit that anything bad could ever happen to them, demanding that Polly stop growing up.  But when Polly disappears, Demeter must leave her safe field and roam the earth to find her. In this bold, theatrical retelling of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, a goddess must discover the costs and benefits of love, loss and being human.

Development/production history:

  • Staged reading, Goldberg Theater, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY (director Logan Vaughn.) May 2016

  • Developed at NYU under the guidance of advisor Lisa Kron. 2015-2016

The Sam Play

full-length drama
3 w/2 m


After serving on the front lines of World War II, Sam, a Jewish surgeon, returns to New York. He discovers the wife he left behind is as changed by the war as he is. Now more determined to rise in the world, he meets a secretary from Wall Street’s most prestigious Jewish investment banking firm. Can a Jew with parents from the shtetl succeed in the world of America’s great German Jewish banking families? Sam struggles to penetrate the borders of class that jeopardize his career, his family, and his sense of self.

Development/production history:

  • Workshopped, Pick Up Sticks, Truro, MA. December 2018

  • (Excerpts): Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Workshop, New York, NY (director, Susan Izatt.) 2018

  • (Excerpt): Alliance for Jewish Theatre Conference, Cambridge, MA. October 2017

  • (Excerpts): Goldberg Theater, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY. 2016 (various.)


full-length dark comedy
4 w


Vanessa, the mother of only child Shelley, faces a midlife crisis when Shelley's angry, teenage rebellion forces her to question her own identity. Vanessa's mother returns from the dead, an imaginary daughter shows up, and her therapist won't let her off the hook. Will Vanessa jump off the roof? Will she kill her daughter with a chicken? Or will imaginary daughter kill her? A dark comedy set in the middle of Vanessa's troubled mind.

"Doppelgänger is a wild, free-wheeling, no-holds-barred trip down a dark, whimsical rabbit hole of love and dysfunction; one of the clearest, and funniest, depictions of a mother-daughter relationship I've ever seen. Brilliantly crafted characters, a loosey-goosey plot that is nonetheless very tightly woven, and a sharp-eyed point of view about her subject matter shows Daly at the top of her game with this piece."   -- Doug Devita, Writer/Director, author of The Fierce Urgency of Now

Development/production history:

  • Semifinalist, 2019-2020 In-Progress New Play Reading Series, Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City, MO.

  • Developed in staged readings at Goldberg Theater, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY, 2015; and at the Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Workshop, New York, NY (director, Norma Medina.) 2013-14

  • Production (Excerpt): Berrie Center New Play Festival at Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ. April-May 2014

  • Staged reading, TAI Studios, New York, NY (director, Norma Medina.) June 2014

Shell Collection

full-length comedy

4w/1 either

Florida Shells Poster.jpg

Sisters Sandy, Jean and Arlene have only two days in Florida to divide up their mother Louisa's possessions, including her remarkable shell collection, and close on the condo. Then they'll release Louisa's ashes at the beach. But first, they need to unpack their baggage about each other, Louisa's death, and Louisa herself. Moreover, Sandy knows her mother does NOT want to be buried at that beach -- because Louisa keeps showing up to tell her so. A play about the persistence of family roles long into adulthood; grief; and whether it really pays to hold on to the family silver.

Development history:

  • Developed at NYU/Tisch with Kristopher Diaz