Dramatic Monologues

Dramatic Monologues

FAR NORTH (15 minutes/dramedy)
1 w
At a cocktail party, urbane Phyllis speaks into a cell phone camera as she gives advice to a newborn on living a civilized life.  But, as the party progresses, her proper veneer begins to crack, revealing a secret long ago buried in the Far North.

  • Soon to be available on MonologueBank.com.

  • Fly Center New Works Festival (staged reading), Fly Arts Center, Shelbyville, TN. August 2017

  • Berrie Center New Play Festival at Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ. April-May 2014

  • Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn, NJ. February 2013.

    • Nominated for the 2013 Perry Award for Best Production of an Original Play by the New Jersey Association of Community Theaters.

  • Warner International Playwrights Festival, Torrington, CT. July 2012

  • Gallery Players Black Box New Play Festival, Brooklyn, NY. June 2012


THE BIG BAD WOLF ,  Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK (Marguerite Louise Scott)

THE BIG BAD WOLF, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK (Marguerite Louise Scott)

Theatre that reflects present day tensions and issues should ... make you uncomfortable. This play forces you to think about those stories, those lies, those myths about Others, the marginalized, including immigrants, told to children in homes across America at bedtime. Consider this for your political themed festival. It’s a conversation starter.
— Asher Wyndham, playwright

THE BIG BAD WOLF (1 minute/ comedy)
1 w
Roxanne tells her granddaughter a bedtime story colored by the current political moment. 

(3 minutes/comedy)
1 w 
A new mother tries to convince her baby that she's even got a clue about how to take care of her.

  • The Mother Lode (staged reading), graymatters productions, New York, NY. October 2018

  • Selected for Production: Forked Theatre Motherlogues, London, UK. March 2017

JOY (5 minutes/drama)
1 w
A wife in a bad marriage fights to remember her greatest moment of joy, even if that moment involves tugging on internal organs and flopping like a fish.

  • Strong Female Lead (staged reading,) The Rum Diaries Presents, Glasgow, Scotland. June 2019

  • Selected for Production: Forked Theatre Motherlogues, London, UK. March 2017