Even Shorter Plays!

Even Shorter Plays!

  THE BIG BAD WOLF ,  Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK (Marguerite Louise Scott)

THE BIG BAD WOLF, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK (Marguerite Louise Scott)

Theatre that reflects present day tensions and issues should ... make you uncomfortable. This play forces you to think about those stories, those lies, those myths about Others, the marginalized, including immigrants, told to children in homes across America at bedtime. Consider this for your political themed festival. It’s a conversation starter.
— Asher Wyndham, Playwright

THE BIG BAD WOLF (1-minute monologue/comedy)
1 w
Roxanne tells her granddaughter a bedtime story colored by the current political moment. 

  • Upcoming Production: Bashir Productions, London, UK. November 2018

  • URN  (1-minute play/drama)
    2 w
    Daughter won’t go to Mom’s funeral.  Even if, in Daughter’s dreams, Mom can’t breathe

  • Production, 1:One UAE Theatre Fest, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. May 2018

  • Staged Reading, Fast and Furious Festival, Spokane, WA. January-February 2014

  • Production, In a New York Minute Festival, Spare Change Theater, New York, NY. April 2011

  • Production, G(hosts) in 60, Halifax Ghost Story Festival, Dean Clough Mills, UK. October 2010


  A DRINK WITH MYSELF, G(i)60 Festival, NYC


  • A DRINK WITH MYSELF  (1-minute play/comedy)
    2 w
    Would you hang out with someone you don’t respect -- especially if it’s you?

  • Shortlisted, Gateways, Redgates Theatre, London, UK. March 2018

  • Staged Reading, Playsmiths Flash Fest, New York, NY. June 2012

  • Production, Gi60 Festival, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY. June 2011