What I Write

What I write

I want to know if humans can connect with each other — and if so, how.

My characters reach across voids, even when sitting side by side, but they often remain disastrously miles apart. 

I love the sweet spot where funny meets awful.

As a performer trained in clown and commedia dell'arte at the Lecoq School in Paris, I see writing as a physical act. My characters move though the space, resonate energy, and take big, messy -- misguided -- actions. 

I write (mostly) about women.

What is it to be female: spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially?

I do it theatrically.

My characters’ points-of-view express themselves not just in dialogue but also in sound, light, space, scenic design, and time. I ask the audience to take a leap and fuse its imagination with the characters'. Scenery morphs. Dead people show up. Ex-lovers show up, too, though they're lost to the loved one forever. Characters may feel confused, and often in grief, but the stage code is bold. Refrigerators become time portals or roofs from which to jump. A chicken becomes a lethal bomb. The souls of dead girls, not yet settled in the Underworld, hover over the River Styx. 

The characters try to keep themselves safe, but that’s the most dangerous thing of all. Their only salvation, it seems, is to make a connection — even if fleeting or uncertain — and then, if need be, let go.


To learn more, contact me here or at vicki@victoriazdaly.com.