I've taught classes from Connecticut to Tennessee and never tire of seeing eyes light up as students of any age or experience discover their own voices. It's all about learning craft through play and discovery. 

Classes I offer include:

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Fundamentals of Playwriting 

Whether you've never written a play, or you've written several but need a fun refresher, this high-energy, interactive playwriting class gets you on track. Games, improvisations, and bursts of group and individual writing teach the basics of drama. Writing springboards keep you grounded. Find the play in playwriting and your own unique voice, in a safe and encouraging environment.

We cover core concepts (conflict, character, dialogue, setting, scripts and more;) writing; and sharing/presenting material. Each student completes a first draft of a play, from a short scene (1-day Bootcamps) to a full-length work (14 weeks.)

These classes work for a wide variety of ages and educational levels. You don't need to be a theater buff -- I'll tailor accordingly.

Available as 1- or 2-day Bootcamps or as classes up to 14 sessions in length.

Playwrights' Workshops

Hear actors read a play you’re working on, then receive constructive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. As a group we'll answer your questions about the work, putting the emphasis on bright spots and on helping you achieve your intention for your play. These are the methodologies I've used for years at The 9th Floor, the award-winning New York City writers group I founded and run.

Other Classes

I offer additional classes in writing, improvisation, and physical theater. If you'd like to know more about them or about the classes described above, please contact me.